Photo by  Mapuana Reed

Photo by Mapuana Reed

Lash Etiquette

Please call ahead of time to make sure we can service you properly if your lashes need more care than their usual time frame.

  • Refrain from drinking caffeine or any other stimulating beverages before your appointment and any re-lash appointments. We want you to relax and enjoy your experience.
  • Please consider washing your hair the morning of your appointment. It is recommended in order to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours.
  • If you arrive to your appointment late and/or with make up build up or unclean lashes, it could take time away from the application of extensions and may result in a partial re-lash. Therefore you may need to book a re-lash a little sooner than a normal 3-week appointment. Lash Artists are trained to adhere to time allotted for each service. We want to respect your time as well as other clients’ so to best service you we want to make the most of each appointment.

For the Initial 24-48 hours:

  • It is recommended to keep lashes dry for the first 24hrs. After that we encourage proper hygiene to keep the integrity of your eyes healthy.
  • In the first days with your eyelash extensions, apply the protective coating after 24 hours and thereafter once or twice per week (highly recommended for active clients).
  • Avoid steam from showers and saunas, swimming pools, salt water and suntan beds for 48 hours following the application.
  • Apple lash growth serum after 48 hours. Please follow instructions on the product label.

Recommend Eyelash Care:

  • Keep oil based products away from lash extensions. These include: oil based serums, cleansers, lotions, moisturizers, sunscreens and conditioners.
  • Powered, liquid or gel base eyeliner is recommended as well as water based mascara and should only be used on the tips of extensions, not at the base. Use only approved make-up remover.
  • Refrain from wearing waterproof, fiber or tube mascaras.
  • Refrain from using Q-tips, towels or anything with lint fiber on or around your lashes.
  • Refrain from using lash curlers or lash strips. The mechanical curler will break adhesive bond and lash strips tend to permanently pull out extensions and natural lashes.
  • Refrain from picking, pulling or cutting your extensions.
  • Keep in mind that extreme heat like dryers, flat irons, cooking, baking or lighters may cause the extension to loose its curl or even singe the tapered tips.
  • Inform all service providers regarding your semi-permanent lash extensions when receiving facial treatments.